Where are they now: MTV VJs

Where are they now? MTV VJs
Where are they now? MTV VJs. He’s a late-night host with a new prime-time show; she’s a model and TV personality with wedding plans; he’s a fake news host whose feud with a commentator is making headlines. But at one time or another they each hosted shows on MTV, which has served up some of the best on-air personalities for the past three decades. See where some of the channel’s biggest stars ended up after stepping away from the music network.
Bill Bellamy
When: 1994-99

Then: Hosted MTV programs “MTV Jamz” and “MTV Beach House.” Was working as a standup comedian and appeared on a popular HBO comedy show.

Now: Hosted a reality comedy show competition, appeared in an Oliver Stone film and guest-starred on NBC’s “Castle.”
Downtown Julie Brown
When: Late 1980s

Then: The Welsh and Jamaican beauty got her start hosting English music shows and is known for an odd catchphrase from her days as the host of “Club MTV.”

Now: She posed nude in 1998, later did voice work for an animated series and sought help for her dog on this popular show.
Dan Cortese
When: 1992-97

Then: The hunky host of “MTV Sports” started at the music network as an assistant after playing football at this southern state college.

Now: In the 1990s, he had a guest spot on NBC’s most successful sitcom and was a regular cast member on Kirstie Alley’s sitcom. He is the current host of a game show on another music channel.
Adam Curry
When: 1987-94

Then: Curry moved to a European country when he was 7 years old and started working as a Dutch VJ when he was 19 before he hosted “Headbangers Ball” and “Top 20 Countdown.”

Now: He was sued by MTV in 1993 and has since been an Internet entrepreneur. He currently hosts his own podcast
Carson Daly
When: 1998-2002

Then: The “TRL” host was also DJ for a southern California radio station and famously dated a “Party of Five” actress.

Now: He has been the host of “Last Call with Carson Daly” since 2002 and is currently the host of a new NBC show. He became a dad in 2009
Andre ‘Doctor Dre’ Brown
When: 1988-95

Then: The host of “Yo! MTV Raps” teamed up with fellow VJ Ed Lover and starred in a movie in 1993. In 1986, Brown released the single “Can You Feel It” with Original Concept through Def Jam Records.

Now: Brown returned to MTV for the 20th anniversary of “Yo! MTV Raps.” He hosted a morning radio show on a New York hip-hop channel with Lover before getting fired in 2003.
 Karen Duffy
When: Early 1990s

Then: The former model attended a Rocky Mountain state university and earned a bachelor’s degree before joining MTV, where she was known by her nickname.

Now: She was diagnosed in 1995 with a rare and incurable disease and wrote an autobiography in 2000 about her battle. She’s currently the host of “House of Tiny Terrors” on TLC

Ed Lover
When: 1988-95

Then: The rapper was a member of early hip-hop group No Face before hosting “Yo! MTV Raps,” where he created the Ed Lover Dance.

Now: He was fired as host of the morning radio show on New York hip-hop channel Power 105.1 last year. He hosts a Web series called “C’mon Son” that pokes fun at celebrities.

Carmen Electra
When: 1997-98

Then: The host of “Singled Out” got her start after catching the eye of a certain musician who helped her with a failed singing career. She was cast on “Baywatch” and posed several times for a racy mag.

Now: She divorced her rocker husband in 2007 after starring on a reality show about their marriage, she has appeared in several movies and is currently featured in a new song by a troubled actor .

Fab 5 Freddy
When: 1988-95

Then: The weekend host of “Yo! MTV Raps” was a New York rapper and graffiti artist with the group The Fabulous Five.

Now: He was recently seen in an Anne Hathaway movie and with Denzel Washington in a crime drama
Daisy Fuentes
When: 1998-94

Then: The Cuban-American model started out on “MTV International” before she crossed over to MTV and hosted “Top 20 Countdown.” She also had a role in a soap opera.

Now: She is an exercise guru and released a workout video for the Wii in 2009. She also has her own clothing line at a major department store.

Kurt Loder
When: 1987-current

Then: He worked as a journalist in the ‘70s, wrote for Circus magazine and was editor for another popular rock magazine before joining MTV as host of “The Week in Rock.”

Now: The MTV veteran is still the host of “MTV News.” He’s known for breaking the news on the suicide of a famous rocker.
Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
When: 1992-96

Then: The host of “Alternative Nation” was working at a popular Los Angeles radio station, where she was known as “The Virgin Kennedy,” before joining MTV.

Now: She hosted a game show for two and a half seasons on the Game Show Network and can be seen as a panelist in VH1’s popular weekly show.

Dave Holmes
When: 1999-2001

Then: He competed on the first season of MTV’s “Wanna Be a VJ?”. Despite not winning, MTV hired him and he hosted this popular show for two years.

Now: In 2002, he came out as a gay man for this magazine, and he recently joined the “It Gets Better Project”. He can also be seen hosting this game show on the TV Guide Channel.

Jenny McCarthy
When: 1995-97

Then: The “Singled Out” host gained national fame when she was given the highest honor from a men’s magazine in 1993.

Now: She has become an activist for a growing disorder and wrote a book about her son’s struggle. She split from her longtime funnyman boyfriend last year.
Vanessa Minnillo
When: 2003-07

Then: The former “TRL” host was born on an Air Force base in this country and named 1998 Miss Teen USA.

Now: Her wedding plans to a former boy band member have been hot news. She also has been a guest star on a crime show, on a popular CBS comedy and recently on a hit NBC spoof comedy.
John Norris
When: 1988-current

Then: The longtime correspondent for “MTV News” graduated from New York University and was rumored to have been laid off by MTV.

Now: He is still listed as a correspondent on MTV’s website, and in 2009 he participated in a tribute to a musician. He also has been reporting for an online music website.

Pauly Shore
When: 1989-94

Then: The comedian started out doing standup in his hometown. Shore grew up around comedy; his parents founded a popular Los Angeles comedy club. His MTV claim to fame was “Totally Pauly” and host of spring break parties.

Now: His star faded after several semi-successful movies like “Encino Man”. He played himself on a hit HBO show and in 2003 tried to launch a comeback with this film.In 2010 he released “Adopted,” a mockumentary about a trip to adopt a child.

Jon Stewart
When: 1993-94

Then: The former standup comedian started doing comedy at this New York club before hosting “The Jon Stewart Show” for two years on MTV.

Now: He has become an influential political satirist with his Comedy Central show, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”. He’s currently debating with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly over a rapper’s visit to the White House.