Poor little men out of Lego


In America revived roller battles that were popular in the 60's and 70's.This rather cruel sport won the hearts of Americans,when the competition of professional teams was shown on national TV channels.That's when he earned a reputation as wrestling on wheels. According to the rules of modern battles, the combatants can to trip opponents and to work actively with his elbows,as well as in the 60's.It should be noted that now a professional league battle on rollers represent only women's teams.I propose to look at the lives of girls from the team Lilac City Roller Girls.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Racy Areyla yoga on rollers.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Tone Death in the guise of a schoolgirl.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Beech Shlendzh, known under the pseudonym Lulu Lunatic Occupation, buying products from their children.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Larson, Brawly Hatchet, in life zaniametsya restoration of cars.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Steciw Ellis, El Gato, founded the team Lilac City Roller Girls in 2006. (Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

In ordinary life, Whitney Welch, Whip Me, raising a child and is engaged in boxing.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

And this therapist Naomi Vaytts, which stands in the fighting under the pseudonym Sweetart (Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

John Kelly, under the name Brawl Barella.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Missy Kaberlayn, she's Missy Vull (Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Karen James, on the track known as Sally Smuthers, working librarian.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Solar Ray of Death, in the world Summer Hightower fan of horror movies.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

DJ Veronica Rivera under the name Betty Plague.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)

Jen Richmond goes on track under the pseudonym Misato Herdemise.(Photo: Jed Conklin / / ZUMA)



Games with a view

This is not a pile of junk, and sculpture. Unusual. It is visible only under a certain angle.