Where to Hide Drugs

These are some places where drug smugglers hide drugs inside their bodies. They are most ingenious when it comes to hiding drugs. However, a body scan will reveal their dirty little secret.


Maternity hospital in the style of Hello Kitty

 Quite there in Japan that your order ...


Christmas Tree

 Anthony Schmitt graced Edgemar shopping center in Santa Monica tree made from unconventional materials.The main attribute of the New Year holiday is made out of shopping carts and reaches a height of 10 meters.To create a design required 86 metal baskets.This is not the first CHRISTMASS TREE " Anthony, the original tree the artist collects from 2007.

I am a Parisian Lady

A fine series entitled "I am a Parisian Lady" featuring images of portraits of Parisian women in their homes: apartment or studio.A staging varied by the French photographer Baldwin on his portfolio.


Most Creative Crosswalk Advertising

McDonald's Crosswalk
In summer 2010, McDonald's produced this innovative guerrilla marketing campaign during Zurichfest, Switzerland's biggest public festival. During the festival, they turned pedestrian crosswalks in front of their restaurants into giant French fry art.


Hours Manifold Clock

Israeli design studio Studio Ve created the original clock that displays time in three dimensions.Simple and brilliant.Price hours Manifold Clock - $ 45.


Funny Knitted Toys

Crocheted toys, some of which - Christmas crocheted toys.


Cities of jelly

Liz Haycock  - artist from San Francisco, uses in his art photography, video, installation, sculpture.Techniques of sweet colored cities is easy and especially no different from what they were doing the hostess to their kitchens.Liz Haycock took colorful jelly, pour it into special molds and waiting point, and then spits out the resulting buildings cityscapes.

Football Training of Roosters

China’ may not have been present at the World Cup 2010, in South Africa, but its team of football playing roosters would probably win any competition.
Zhang Lijun has always been a big fan of football, but he decided to take his passion for the sport to a whole new level three years, when he started training his roosters to handle a ball. Now, chickens aren’t exactly famous for their intelligence and ability to learn new things, but Zhang’s roosters have developed mad football skills.
The unusual football team is made up of only two players, and they recently had to go head to head in a mock World Cup match, on the city streets, in Liaoling Province China. Zhang Lijun played the role of the referee, while the two roosters used their feet and wings to handle the ball. Passers-by gathered to watch the bizarre spectacle and were surprised by the bird’s dribbling skills.
Maybe Zhang’s roosters should play in the national football team, or may be he could be the new coach. Either way, China would have a higher chance of qualifying next time.


House of Egg

 Chinese designer Daihai Fei has developed a house in the form of eggs for homeless peopleHe himself lived in a house within two months. The house is built of bamboo frames covered with insulating material.Inside there is a bookshelf, a small sink, a bed and a lamp, powered by a small solar panel.


Clay, Acrylic Painting by Natalia Ulyanov

Thumbnails of the glass from Shimon Klimek

Polish engineer Shimon Klimek (Szymon Klimek) joins in their works of art and engineering, creating models of cars early 20 th century, trains, steam engines and fancy carriages.But the interesting thing is that any of his work can easily fit in an ordinary glass mug.


 That’s right, Super Street Fighter IV will hit the arcade scene on December 16, 2010 in Japan. Not sure when the U.S. will get the game, but the Japanese will get two new character additions, Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III. What does this mean for those of us who bought the console game? Will we be getting a DLC soon?
Check out some screenshots of Yun and Yang as Chinese cooks, something I don’t see often, living in Los Angeles/Orange County.


Eating insects for food

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN agreed with the opinion of scientists that should convince people to eat insects instead of meat.Firstly, in cricket and grasshoppers as much protein as a piece of meat for the steak.Secondly, their growth is much cheaper and requires less space.Experts note that the edible for humans are about 1400 species of insects.They are eaten in 36 African, 29 Asian and 23 countries in North and South America.And in some states of insects is considered a delicacy in others - the insects are part of the daily diet.

And if Mexico's fried insects you can buy just a tray with a street vendor, then in other Western countries such dishes - it is rather a refinement, which is served in expensive restaurants.For example, a New York restaurant of the Explorers Club, "annually arranges a reception during which serves dishes from the insects.



Whirling Paper Exhibits by Mia Pearlman

New York-based artist Mia Pearlman has created an amazing art installation made entirely out of paper.


Funny creative gadgets.

Funny creative gadgets around the world


Colorfully Painted Violins

Amazing and unique look of violins with these creatively designed colorful paints


Portraits of chewing gum

Jason Kronenwald creates portraits of ...... used chewing gum ...


Children who can fly

Creative advertising agency has allowed children to feel flyers abruptly Gagarin.
A touted some book, look what were those inside;)


Spider-Man in Vogue

In December, the Broadway premiere of the musical "Spider-Man: Exit out of the darkness." In the role of Peter Parker will perform Rick Carney, and the party Mary Jane sings Jennifer Damiano. Heroes' new musical shot for Vogue herself Annie Leibovitz (Annie Leibovitz). Jennifer to try on dresses Alexander McQueen, Marchesa and Dior Haute Couture.

Circus In The Sky

A group of skydiving daredevils performed some out-of-this-world manoeuvres when they jumped from a plane over New Zealand attached to unusual contraptions.
Nitro Circus stars Joelene Van Vugt of Canada, Erik Roner of the USA and eight friends executed the risky moves over Matamata to launch their extreme sport's impending '2011 Nitro Circus Live New Zealand Tour.'

The jump coincided with tickets going on sale for the February tour.
Another man performed some extreme skydiving manoeuvres with a wheelchair


Stars Jewelry

Designers from Paris Kizda and Jeremy, known under the brand Nous Sommes, created a collection of jewelry in the form of celebrities.

Photos in the style of Max Payne ... Photographer Steven Meisel


Anomalously large animals

Attempted to select animal record breakers in weight and height. Photo attached.


20 good reasons not to lose weight

 1. You do not have a long and expensive to change the current wardrobe
2. Even if a little potolsteesh, it will not appreciably3. Wrinkles? It is not for you4. No need to strain5. You do not have to prowl at night to go to the fridge. All eaten in the evening.


The most unusual tombstone

Fellowship in crimson jackets, simple, relaxing!

Thick monkey in Sao Paulo

This statue is called Fat monkey.
She embodies the thick tourists lying on beaches in Brazil.
To create this sculpture was made of more than 10,000 vetnamok.


Art, Paris vs New York

«Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities» - this is a friendly rivalry between the two cities, which occurs in the soul of a lover in New York Parisian. The project was implemented by the French graphic studio ViiiZ (creative core of which is Vahram Muratyan). Implementors have not stinted on the use of every possible cliche of what one opposition Stoi Quasimodo and King Kong.


17 years To Create a Model & Sculptures in Wood

17 years it took to drank from the tree model sailing ship Victoria.


Football Fans

 Fan «St. Louis Rams »Ray Davies of Hollsvillya, Missouri, shouting slogans during a match of your favorite team against« Atlanta Falcons »in St.


Interesting new and cool inventions from Germany

This motorized unicycle-motorbike speeds of up to 40 km / h and can be used as traction for any moving devices: from the man on roller skates to domestic small trucks


Pictures Torture in the Middle Ages in the name of Christ

spanskaya Inquisition at work in the torture chamber in an engraving in 1520. Horrible abuse was carried out in the name of Christianity.
Torture in the Middle Ages in the name of Christ
English merchant Nicholas Burton, who was tortured by the Spanish Inquisition in the city of Cadiz. He was martyred at the stake in Seville in 1560-the year


Lindsay Haward, the Amazon Wrestler

Lindsay Hayward is a 23-year-old woman born in Walnut Creek, CA who is now known as a professional wrestler in the U.S.
Her story began early in the childhood when, because of the abnormal height ( 6ft 9ins at the age of 13 ) and the wickedness of others , Lindsay began to drink on her own, only making it worse. At the age of 16, during a fight with another girl, Lindsay lifted her off the ground and then threw her into a brick wall. Not long after, she left home and started a career as a model, where we can see that she began to have a good feeling about the way her body looked. 


Dedushka Podvodnoy Fotosaemki

n central Florida a lot of transparent sources, and one of them - Silver Springs, a small lake filled with pure artesian water. Since the XIX century, tourists come here from all over America. So it went in the first decades of the XX century - now tourists come here in cars and trains. But by the 1930's the popularity of Silver Springs began to dry up. Needed a new image, which again will attract tourists. The author of this image was Mozert Bruce (Bruce Mozert). For nearly half a century, he created here his amazing creations.


Concept Electric Nissan Torii

 Visualizing the family car of the future, the Italian designer Jorge Andres Pinilla Fonseca, came up with a concept he called the Nissan Torii. This car will be replaced by the traditional transmission cables, freeing space inside. Inspired by a Japanese metaphor for "the gates of the temple, which purify the human soul, the designer is equipped with" Torii spherical wheels. A filters under the lights will not only pollute, but also clean the air. In addition the concept presupposes the availability of GPS and a lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, it expects to release these wonderful cars can be no earlier than 2030.

Snake Road - a concept motorcycle in the style of Star Wars

 In developing this concept designer Delussu Bruno was inspired by the works of German, Daniel Simon, who invented, in particular, flying motorcycles from Star Wars. " Conceived like their shapes Hidden cobra and was named Snake Road. Creator saw his car in the body, made of lightweight and durable fiberglass. Racer, in my opinion, should be while driving pose an athlete, cyclist.


What's "gossip": Congratulations to Dmitry Sychev

 October 26, 1983 in Omsk, in the family Athlete Helen and Eugene footballer born son Dmitry Sychev. Of course, with such parents Dima simply could not passionate about the sport. As a child, a boy with equal fervor, played football and hockey. But the profession was still football.After ninth grade, Dmitry was invited to St. Petersburg football academy "Change". Sychev later tried to gain a foothold in the double Zenit, but it is not correct. So the father returned his son in Omsk.


Zombies in Melbourne

Krovischa flowing river, strashnyuchie muzzle ...Zombie dissect the capital of Australia, frightening the civilian population.
So in Melbourne held a parade of zombies, unknowing tourists may kondrashka enoughDo you like horror stories? Do you like horror stories? - These are all zombies:


Bewitching Migration Of Animals

 1. Africa: The white-bearded wildebeest migration. Each year, more than a million wildebeest and about two hundred thousand zebras run for seasonal rains to the waters, skirting the loop of 485 km around Tanzania and Kenya.

What to Wash The Toilet & Coca-Cola

If you have a dirty toilet at home, this is not a problem because in any store you can buy Coca-Cola!