Bewitching Migration Of Animals

 1. Africa: The white-bearded wildebeest migration. Each year, more than a million wildebeest and about two hundred thousand zebras run for seasonal rains to the waters, skirting the loop of 485 km around Tanzania and Kenya.

 2. Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean may seem tiny, but is home to more than 50 million red crabs, which commits one of the most spectacular migrations. Traveling from the depths of the forest to the coast of the island, these crabs are fiery red color in the size of a saucer are struggling with fierce ants, once a year getting to the water and back.
 3. Christmas Island: millions of red crabs crawling over rocks and cliffs into the water.
 4. Falklands: black-browed albatrosses from the two-meter wingspans are planning to land to mate. For them, keeping a close eye predatory southern mountain Caracara that all winter waiting for the albatrosses begin laying, and hatch chicks.The female is waiting on the ground the male, that he postorozhil eggs until she flies off to sea and return with a beak full of fish.
 5. Michoacan, Mexico: no monarch butterfly will not be able to do the whole migration route from Mexico to the north of Canada and back. Instead, generations make the journey to the torch.
 6. Michoacan, Mexico: Thanks to new technology migration of monarch butterflies, stands before us in amazing detail. allowing viewers to appreciate their beauty and brightness
 7. Beginning its journey from the coast of Alaska, the Pacific walrus, whose body has not been established for a long voyage, using drifting ice floes to rest and mating during migration to the shores of Russia and back. But in recent years, the ice is getting smaller, and it is not enough for all of walruses.
 8. Grand Teton National Park, West Wyoming. Previously, pronghorn were many, and they proudly and freely migrated.Now this ancient migration supports a herd of 200 head of cattle. Their migration from the mountains to the valleys and back has always been difficult, but now it has only worsened since their paths have fences, boundaries, canals and other obstacles that lead to the extinction of this rare species of ungulates. 
9. Sahara: rare elephants of Mali make the longest migration on earth - 490 miles around the heart of Mali in West Africa. The only way to survive here - the transition from a single source of food and water to another.