Dedushka Podvodnoy Fotosaemki

n central Florida a lot of transparent sources, and one of them - Silver Springs, a small lake filled with pure artesian water. Since the XIX century, tourists come here from all over America. So it went in the first decades of the XX century - now tourists come here in cars and trains. But by the 1930's the popularity of Silver Springs began to dry up. Needed a new image, which again will attract tourists. The author of this image was Mozert Bruce (Bruce Mozert). For nearly half a century, he created here his amazing creations.

Mozert was born in Newark, Ohio, in 1916, and in 1930 followed by her sister, Zoe moved to New York. My sister became a famous model, and Bruce - a photographer. He recalled that initially earned no more dollars for a photo, but was so in love with my profession, that it did not bother him. Over time, his photographs have won recognition and were published in the pages and covers «Life», «Time», «Look» and «National Geographic
In 1938, Bruce Mozert got in Silver Springs. It was there that he took an underwater camera, designed a special underwater case for the camera to fall into the water and take pictures there. His first boxes were made of galvanized metal and cut into pieces of inner tube, which allowed him to use all the features of this camera. Follow Bruce boxes made of steel with extra lead weights for neutral buoyancy.
During the 45 years (except for time served in the Air Force during World War II), Bruce Mozert create amazing genre pictures in which a charming young woman talking on the phone, play golf, read a newspaper ... under water. This technique is immediately attracted attention and allow us to show the viewer how clean and clear water in Silver Springs. Photos printed huge numbers, and crowds of tourists traveling to Silver Springs. This advertising campaign was one of the brightest in America. She acted in the 1940's through 1970, beating such competitors as a show with water skiing, dancing guinea pigs, leaping whales and hungry alligators. Silver Springs is still one of the major attractions of Florida.
The picture that people want to buy, you can do anywhere - says Mozert. - All you need - just use your imagination. To make the bubbles in the glass "of champagne, photographer put back a little bit of dry ice or an aspirin, to portray the smoke rising from the barbecue, he used the condensed milk.The fat found in milk, made him go up, creating quite plausible smoke hold long time says Mozert.
His impressive and enduring images require not only creative preparations, but the ingenuity of the experiments with homemade boxes and lighting systems. Bruce experimented with the fact that modern owners of digital cameras called the color temperature, using red and yellow filters to flash to get more saturated colors and work out the details in the shadows. He tried to place the flash as far as possible on the sides of the camera lens, to achieve the effect of volume, three-dimensionality in his work.
Some of the early devices, Bruce even exhibited in museums in the United States. He began to shoot under water until the invention of the regulator (scuba) diving under the water in a diving helmet that is connected by hose to the surface, where aides to manually pumped air. Later, Bruce was invited to join the hose to the compressor and essentially invented the first system with compressed air.
In those days have not yet been drafted naval diving tables, and has not been studied mechanism of such professional divers diseases, such as embolism and decompression sickness. The photographer later recalled that several times he had to make an emergency ascent, and, in retrospect, he realizes how lucky he was, what with him nothing of the sort happened. In fact, lucky to not only Bruce but also for all of us, because it was he who promoted a new era in underwater photography, when any of us can enjoy this wonderful pastime.
Contemporary underwater photographer Bruce Mozert provides a simple, but very wise advice: "Do what no one else does, and then you can, having thought over his creation, saying:" Oh my God, look at it - it is beautiful