Pictures Torture in the Middle Ages in the name of Christ

spanskaya Inquisition at work in the torture chamber in an engraving in 1520. Horrible abuse was carried out in the name of Christianity.
Torture in the Middle Ages in the name of Christ
English merchant Nicholas Burton, who was tortured by the Spanish Inquisition in the city of Cadiz. He was martyred at the stake in Seville in 1560-the year


Lindsay Haward, the Amazon Wrestler

Lindsay Hayward is a 23-year-old woman born in Walnut Creek, CA who is now known as a professional wrestler in the U.S.
Her story began early in the childhood when, because of the abnormal height ( 6ft 9ins at the age of 13 ) and the wickedness of others , Lindsay began to drink on her own, only making it worse. At the age of 16, during a fight with another girl, Lindsay lifted her off the ground and then threw her into a brick wall. Not long after, she left home and started a career as a model, where we can see that she began to have a good feeling about the way her body looked. 


Dedushka Podvodnoy Fotosaemki

n central Florida a lot of transparent sources, and one of them - Silver Springs, a small lake filled with pure artesian water. Since the XIX century, tourists come here from all over America. So it went in the first decades of the XX century - now tourists come here in cars and trains. But by the 1930's the popularity of Silver Springs began to dry up. Needed a new image, which again will attract tourists. The author of this image was Mozert Bruce (Bruce Mozert). For nearly half a century, he created here his amazing creations.


Concept Electric Nissan Torii

 Visualizing the family car of the future, the Italian designer Jorge Andres Pinilla Fonseca, came up with a concept he called the Nissan Torii. This car will be replaced by the traditional transmission cables, freeing space inside. Inspired by a Japanese metaphor for "the gates of the temple, which purify the human soul, the designer is equipped with" Torii spherical wheels. A filters under the lights will not only pollute, but also clean the air. In addition the concept presupposes the availability of GPS and a lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, it expects to release these wonderful cars can be no earlier than 2030.

Snake Road - a concept motorcycle in the style of Star Wars

 In developing this concept designer Delussu Bruno was inspired by the works of German, Daniel Simon, who invented, in particular, flying motorcycles from Star Wars. " Conceived like their shapes Hidden cobra and was named Snake Road. Creator saw his car in the body, made of lightweight and durable fiberglass. Racer, in my opinion, should be while driving pose an athlete, cyclist.


What's "gossip": Congratulations to Dmitry Sychev

 October 26, 1983 in Omsk, in the family Athlete Helen and Eugene footballer born son Dmitry Sychev. Of course, with such parents Dima simply could not passionate about the sport. As a child, a boy with equal fervor, played football and hockey. But the profession was still football.After ninth grade, Dmitry was invited to St. Petersburg football academy "Change". Sychev later tried to gain a foothold in the double Zenit, but it is not correct. So the father returned his son in Omsk.


Zombies in Melbourne

Krovischa flowing river, strashnyuchie muzzle ...Zombie dissect the capital of Australia, frightening the civilian population.
So in Melbourne held a parade of zombies, unknowing tourists may kondrashka enoughDo you like horror stories? Do you like horror stories? - These are all zombies:


Bewitching Migration Of Animals

 1. Africa: The white-bearded wildebeest migration. Each year, more than a million wildebeest and about two hundred thousand zebras run for seasonal rains to the waters, skirting the loop of 485 km around Tanzania and Kenya.

What to Wash The Toilet & Coca-Cola

If you have a dirty toilet at home, this is not a problem because in any store you can buy Coca-Cola!

SpyNet Mission a set of young spy

 The rapid development of portable electronics, along with the fashion for films like "Children of spyware" has created the appearance of a variety of toys on this topic. In Soviet times there were whole sets, which used to be called the "Young Chemist", "the young biologist," and so on. They are allowed to put a limited amount of some experiments and at the same time acquiring knowledge and skills to play. Wristwatch with a pseudo-intriguing title SpyNet Mission can give the illusion of playing a spy (or spy?)
Hours are 60 dollars and can lead photo-video shooting and audio recording of what is happening. Exact specifications are hidden, it is known that the diagonal of the screen 1.4 inches, and the capacity of internal memory enough to store 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of sound recordings, or 2000 images. By the way, the camera has automatic shooting mode at specified intervals - from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Very handy for covert surveillance in the automatic mode, for example, the actions of a potential enemy, entrenched living in the neighboring yard.
In addition to the hours you can get another $ 30 plug-in video camera on a flexible wire and conduct covert shooting literally around the corner.


It's Just A Fun Seed

Well, where the fucking waiter?

Cute phrase: "Well, where zapropastilsya this fucking waiter? I'm from the menu made himself! Truly bear the phrase! And then the disorder, you know: not only do that once a koi that ever looked for them at gatherings - drink tea with honey, vodka out there, so can not wait not that a pleasant companion, and even a waiter! So I now appeal to the Administration dashed off where this book plaintive? Blossomed here, panimaesh, manage them no no! Immediately obvious - there is no owner in the country! Well, why? I really go away, nesolono-handed? Okay, wait, do I advertise this establishment!


Insect Attack

All garbage except for bees. Bees are also garbage, but many of them


Tattoo Festival In Beijing

The past weekend gave pekintsam unforgettable sight - International Tattoo International Tattoo convention. Tattoo festival attended by more than 50,000 people, and their work showed more than 100 artists.
Organizers hope that the festival will become an annual event. Organizers hope that the festival will become an annual event.