Wonderful work of the artist Shinichi Maruyama...

Wonderful work of the artist Shinichi Maruyama, born in 1968 in Nagano, and influenced by a sense of Japanese beauty and elegance of imperfection. Note the use of strong negative space that is in the art of calligraphy.


Red Bull Flugtag ...

Red Bull Flugtag in Moscow - On 9 August 2009, the last day of filing the application for participation - 15 April.Specially built over the water area the water trampolines, 6 meters in height, the signal «HOME», whistling wind, the speed ... Teams brave creative assemble their flying objects, and show what they can. Track an object in motion will be invoked only manual force without any motor, engine, petrol.
Summer in Moscow on a flight that is done and it will be appreciated by the audience and jury on three parameters: wing span, the originality of the device and the flight itself: its peculiarity, its quality and range.

Low Neck Stars...

Ural Gzhel Sahara ....

It is no secret that Ural Motorcycles still successfully exported in the third world countries and in Europe.Even in the United States is a company that bought the license for the manufacture of motorcycles and their limited edition releases.So, in Europe a version of the limited exclusive motorcycle Ural Gzhel Sahara.Feature that is quite a good model of the Ural motorcycle with sidecar "Sahara", thanks to the skill of Russian artist Svetlana Zyryanova, painted in a popular tourist destination Russia style Gzhel.

The campaign to promote the motorcycle "Ural" in the United States, where they have the demand, Irbitsky motozavod model produces motorcycle tourists with overtones of Gzhel.

Motorcycle is equipped with 750-Sahara ty bottom oppozitnym engine and offered at a price of $ 14000!Many Europeans like it, and they are even ready to buy, but some of them think that price is too high and offered as a competitor to consider the BMW GS80.

The motorcycle will be produced in single copy and formally put up for eBay auction April 3, 2009.The bike will be the artist Svetlana Zyryanova, the main front of which is usually the model of the Ural Gear-Up, painted in camouflage colors.

In addition to the motorcycle auction winners get a bottle of vodka Gzhelka.10% of motorcycle sales in the auction will be donated Irbitskomu State Museum of Fine Arts.