Overnight Climbers

That's what I understand extreme ...
А вы бы так смогли? And you would be well managed?


Training of Afghan women boxers

Photos of the sports halls of Kabul during the training of Afghan women's national team in boxing.The team includes girls from 14 to 25 years, which by 2012 plans to take part in the Olympic Games in London.


Funny, Sleeky and Weird Chair Designs

Chairs have evolved tremendously for thousands of years, as they shifted from being a symbol of state and dignity, to an item of ordinary use.Chair design considers intended usage, ergonomics (how comfortable it is for the occupant), as well as non–ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stackability, foldability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design.
In this article, we’ll leave their function aside and take a look at chairs purely from an artistic point of view.Here are few examples of great chair design, from the sleekest you’ll ever see, to the funkiest and the just plain weird.


Top American Idol Moments

American Idol Top Moments

The world's greatest reality TV singing competition is back to glue you to the idiot box.

Tune in to the premiere of American Idol Season 10 on Star World, Astro Channel 711 on Thursday, 20th January 2011 at 6pm, with a primetime repeat at 8pm.


Cool Sculptures

  Amazing sculptures, most of which are placed on the palm.

Cool Drawings


The worst examples of arrogance in sport

Who da man?

Hours after England's cricketers completed the tonking of Australia in the recent Ashes series, an article dating from last November - just before the first test - started doing the email rounds.
The piece, from the Australian Daily Telegraph, was called 10 reasons the Poms are duds, and listed the fatal deficiencies of the England team, from being perennial chokers to the lack of a 'fear factor' in bowlers like Jimmy Anderson (who went on to become the star bowling performer of the series). In short, Australia had nothing to fear - as usual - from an English team down under.
Given what subsequently occurred, the article can either be put down to appalling punditry or breathtaking Aussie arrogance. But then, arrogance is hardly unknown in the winner-takes-all world of professional sport, whether among athletes, teams, fans or journalists.
Here are a few other prime examples.


Supporting Actors Who Stole The Show

It's not always the name at the top of the poster that we remember. Meet our favourite supporting characters.

There's an old actor's adage that says the real gold is in the supporting roles. In Hollywood that goes double. A sufficiently cunning actor can take a small part in a movie and imprint themselves on the audience's memory, stealing the limelight from an A-lister.
It's not polite, but it is funny, and some of the greatest moments in movie history have come from these ruthless larcenists. We've listed our favourites and added your suggestions to our rundown of supporting actors who stole the show.


Canadian Green River Park ...

 It happened on December 29, 2010 in a Canadian park Goldstream.Local river water suddenly stained neon green. People rubbingtheir eyes to make sure it's not an illusion.River pleased unusual color for about an hour, then again became normal. After analyzing the green water, the local Ministry of Environment said it was the result of getting there a chemical "fluorescent". Neither he nor any of its decay products are not toxic, and experts are hoping that the fish and the ecology of the river were not affected.

Sudeley Bench

Discovery of the bench "Sudeley Bench" very surprising directed by French designer Pablo Reinoso, in the form of a sculpture and a work of art by 9 meters. There are only eight copies worldwide. More images later in the article.


A bit of creative dishes

 A small selection of creative dishes, some specimens would like to have at home.Slightly scary look


International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

Today in Harbin officially opened a new international festival of ice and snow, annually attracting hundreds of people from around the world.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Here are a creature.USB flash drive was made as a gift to the girl.


200 professional dancers at Trafalgar Square in London

Beginning of the year - it's a good excuse to bare and set a record that is worthy of the Guinness Book. On January 3, at Trafalgar Square in London went for more than 200 professional dancers.


Brass Van – Probably the World’s Heaviest Art Car

The Brass Van is a unique art car completely covered with various brass items. Also known as the “California Fantasy Van”, this artwork on four wheels took 22 years to complete.
Hunter Mann is the present owner of the Brass Van, but it was actually his late godfather, Ernie Steingold, who crated it. A vacuum-cleaner repairman, Steingold first started adding brass to his 1975 GMC van, in the early 1980s and continued doing so for the next 20 years or so. It all started one day, when he decided to attach three brass elephants to the hood, as ornaments. Then he got it into his head to cover the vehicle with brass coins, and he did just that – around $15,000 worth of coins, at the time he finished the job. From there on in, he just kept adding brass.
Mann, the current owner of the Brass van, says there are around 5,000 pieces of brass presently attached to his vehicle, weighing about 10,000 pounds. In fact, this car is so heavy, its tires have to be changed every 4,000 miles, and I don’t even want to think about the mileage…
As you would expect, Hunter Mann gets pulled over by police, about once every five days. Most of the officers just want to ask him about his Brass van and take photos with it. Even though he gets asked the same questions every time, Mann never gets tired of answering them.
When it’s not on tour, the Brass Van can be found at ArtCar World, a museum for art cars, in Douglas, Arizona. Just in case you were wondering about how much such a unique vehicle costs, the Brass van was appraised at $350,000.