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Бернар Прас (Bernard Pras) - французский современный художник . Bernard Pratz (Bernard Pras) - French contemporary artist . Родился в Париже в 1952 году. Born in Paris in 1952. Создает из мусора, посуды, мягких игрушек и всего, что попадется под руку копии известных картин и портретов. Drops from the trash, dishes, soft toys and anything that can lay hands on copies of famous paintings and portraits.


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The most ugly dog-2010

Miniature four-dog Chihuahua named Princess Abby Francis, won the competition "The most ugly dog in the world, held annually in California.

Winner in 2010 was struck by the jury for its curved legs and backs, as well as practically not open his left eye.In the fight for the title of the ugliest princess Abby Francis was able to circumvent even last year's winner boxer Pabst with malocclusion.

As a prize, the dog owner Kathleen Francis was handed a check for one thousand dollars.Accepting the award, the woman said that was not believed his ward, ugly, and vice versa - the most beautiful dog in the world.

Princess Abby Francis is the first such competition.Before meeting with Kathleen Francis, which occurred five months ago, a Chihuahua lived in an orphanage,where she was taken straight from the street.According to experts, flaws Princess Abby Francis are innate.

Other participants of the competition