Wonderful High Definition Pictures

Wonderful High Definition Pictures

Beautiful Actress...Ashley Judd

She just turned 41 this month, has some new movies in the works, and has starred in solid films - Heat, A Time To Kill, Kiss The Girls, and the list goes on for a very nice career. She was married in 2001


World Marathon Majors

In London, more than a thousand people took part in the marathon, which is dedicated to the Olympic Games in 2012.Race starts at the Theater Square near Stratford.Part of the route coincides with the fact that probegut sport in 2012.
The London Marathon was first held in 1981.Competition is the largest annual sporting event of the British capital and one of the most prestigious marathon distance in the world.Each year in the marathon are involved ordinary people, the stars and the leading athletes from different countries.

London Marathon April 26, 2009.

London Marathon, along with New York, Boston, Berlin and Chicago included in series of five «Main marathons world» (World Marathon Majors).

April 26, also held a marathon in Hamburg, which was attended by 20 thousand people.

May 9, will be a marathon on the island of Helgoland in the North Sea in Germany.

May 10, Prague (Czech Republic).

May 16, Beijing (China).

May 24, Copenhagen (Denmark).

June 14, Phuket (Thailand).

June 20, Reserve Entabeni (Yuzhaya Africa).

June 28, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

June 28, St. Petersburg (Russia).

July 4, Zermatt (Switzerland).

July 18, Ladakh (Tibet).

August 23, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).

September 12, Poyyak (France).

September 20, Berlin (Germany).

September 20, Sydney (Australia).

October 4, Cologne (Germany).

October 11, Chicago (United States).

October 18, Mallorca (Spain).

October 24, Greenland.

November 1, New York (United States).

6 December, Singapore.

January 22, 2010, Dubai (UAE).