These Different Jellyfish...

Selected photos medusas and some interesting facts about these creatures.

Farmers in the Caribbean fizaly use poison as a poison for rats.

Luminophores, isolated from jellyfish, are used for biochemical analysis.Genes medusas transplanted to many animals such as mice, the biologists were able to observe previously inaccessible processes.

But most jellyfish are helping to combat stress.In Japan, medusas divorce in aquaria. The smooth, slow motion medusas calm people, although medusas contain very troublesome and expensive.

In Japan, the first robot jellyfish.In contrast to these jellyfish are not just smooth and nice to swim, but if you want the owner can «dance» the music.

Medusa some kind of catch off the coast of China.In the same place they had removed the tentacles, and Carcases kept in a special marinade, why the jellyfish turns into sensuous translucent cakes hryaschika fine.In the form of cakes jellyfish are brought to Japan, where they were carefully selected by size, color and quality.For one of the jellyfish salad tortillas cut into thin polosochki width about 3-4 mm, pripuschennymi mixed with vegetables, herbs and water sauce.