New Life of the classical model Dr. Martens 1460 \ Streetwear Martens 1460

English Dr.Martens company founded in 1960 and named in honor of Doctor Martens, making the revolution in the manufacture of footwear.Invented them airbag inside the soles, allowing foot is always in a very convenient position and it was all an unforgettable feeling of comfort.Since then, the shoes kochevala from one course to another youth: skinheads, hippies, punks, goths.
Legendary classical model of the firm is considered to be 1460.In April 1960, with the line off the first branded shoes Dr. Martens boots.These were the 8-hole cherry boots.By the end of the 20 th century, was presented more than 3000 varieties of the model 1460.Martens suggested that the world famous designers to submit their views on the most popular models.It was attended by Jimmy Choo, Levi's Strauss, Michiko Koshino, Betty Jackson and many others.Here's the result.