International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

Today in Harbin officially opened a new international festival of ice and snow, annually attracting hundreds of people from around the world.

Spectators watch fireworks over the ice sculptures at the official opening of the International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Jan. 5. (David Gray / Reuters)
Visitors to the festival on the sculpture made of snow. (David Gray / Reuters) 
The sun sets behind the carriage with the horses at the festival of snow and ice. (David Gray / Reuters) 
The workers applied the finishing touches on the sculpture. At the festival, which runs just over a month, attracts people from all over the world. (David Gray / Reuters) 
Work on a huge sculpture made of snow is completed. (David Gray / Reuters) 
Artists among the snow sculptures in Harbin. (How Hwee Young / EPA) 
The workers applied the finishing touches on the castle of ice. (David Gray / Reuters) 
Tourists taking pictures against the backdrop of the snow sculptures at the festival in Harbin.At the annual festival held hundreds of events related to snow and ice, and relating to tourism, art, sports, commerce and culture. (How Hwee Young / EPA) 
Working on cranes complete ice castle. (David Gray / Reuters) 
Artistry in costume pictures of friends of Donald Duck. (How Hwee Young / EPA)
The man with the camera passes by an ice sculpture festival in Harbin.International festival of ice and snow in Harbin - one of the four largest festivals in the world of ice, the other three are held in Sapporo, Quebec and Norway. (David Gray / Reuters)