Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Here are a creature.USB flash drive was made as a gift to the girl.

  Harvesting has served as in the previous case, an ordinary copper pipe with a diameter of 16 mm.
After a few strokes of mallets, the tube turns into this ...
Then  a pencil drawing is drawn and using drills with different diameters 

Next coins of old 3 penny. And cut out the hole for the usb connector.
  That is itself a donor.It turned out to flash drive at 16 gigabytes.
Insert the stick into Copus.
- Filled epoxy.
Sealed ends.
Less of this design is that if the flash drive refuses to work afterwards, then it will just put on a shelf and admire from afar.

Comparison of sizes.
This is the final photo.At the last stage, polish the whole body and covered it with varnish, so that the metal over time, not darkened.