SpyNet Mission a set of young spy

 The rapid development of portable electronics, along with the fashion for films like "Children of spyware" has created the appearance of a variety of toys on this topic. In Soviet times there were whole sets, which used to be called the "Young Chemist", "the young biologist," and so on. They are allowed to put a limited amount of some experiments and at the same time acquiring knowledge and skills to play. Wristwatch with a pseudo-intriguing title SpyNet Mission can give the illusion of playing a spy (or spy?)
Hours are 60 dollars and can lead photo-video shooting and audio recording of what is happening. Exact specifications are hidden, it is known that the diagonal of the screen 1.4 inches, and the capacity of internal memory enough to store 20 minutes of video, 4 hours of sound recordings, or 2000 images. By the way, the camera has automatic shooting mode at specified intervals - from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Very handy for covert surveillance in the automatic mode, for example, the actions of a potential enemy, entrenched living in the neighboring yard.
In addition to the hours you can get another $ 30 plug-in video camera on a flexible wire and conduct covert shooting literally around the corner.