What's "gossip": Congratulations to Dmitry Sychev

 October 26, 1983 in Omsk, in the family Athlete Helen and Eugene footballer born son Dmitry Sychev. Of course, with such parents Dima simply could not passionate about the sport. As a child, a boy with equal fervor, played football and hockey. But the profession was still football.After ninth grade, Dmitry was invited to St. Petersburg football academy "Change". Sychev later tried to gain a foothold in the double Zenit, but it is not correct. So the father returned his son in Omsk.

 In 2000, Dmitry was in Tambov, "Spartacus" - at the time the Second Division club. Their first matches in the big football played Sychev was part of this club. But in 2001 he went to a match with the famous Spartak Moscow.In February of 2002, Sychev made his debut in the national team - he was summoned by Oleg Romantsev, who at that time was also the coach of Russia and Moscow Spartak. After the World Cup to a young football player to pay attention not only in our country, but in the world.Soon, Dmitri more attracted attention - he started wearing a shirt that says "Who are we? Meat (" meat "soccer fans call the team" Spartak "- and his players, and fans of the club). It's kind of a tribute to "mother" "Spartacus." At the same time to Sychou began to show interest in European clubs - AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid, Parma, Bayern Munich. However, as there were rumors that buzz creates a football agent, and he does - under contract until 2006.Then, from Dmitri problems - he had not paid a salary for one month period. He was summoned to Moscow his father. As a result, the conflict reached the point that Sychev decided to leave the team. Some believe that this decision was influenced by his father or agent of a player. Anyway, with "Spartacus" was finished. By the way, later, in 2007, Sychev wished to return to "Spartacus," but he refused.
 After his dismissal, Dmitry was disqualified for four months. For a while he trained in his native Omsk, as well as maintain the shape of Dynamo Kiev. He had signed a contract with Dynamo, but later changed his mind, withdrew the document and agreed to play for Olympique de Marseille.In Europe, played Sychev long - about a year later, in early 2004, football returned to Russia - he was invited to its membership club Lokomotiv Moscow.

 It is the "locomotive" for a long time became a "haven" of young players. And that's part of this club, he won the title of player of the year (in 2004). Until now, Dmitry is the youngest carrier of this title.
 Sychev, playing in the "Locomotive and to this day - and quite successfully. From time to time he is summoned to the squad - but not all of the matches. With a team of the country had a lot of difficulty - to take at least that the season of 2009, he was summoned mostly on the matches themselves in the end unsuccessful.Anyway, Sychev - one of the most famous and most importantly for "gossip" cute Russian players. He leads a very active social life. Moreover, Dmitri so fond of music that regularly plays sets. That is, it is not only a popular athlete, but also widely known in narrow circles DJ.And this treasure is still free - Dmitry has not yet managed to have a family. So there willing to try himself as a "Russian Victoria Beckham still has a chance.
 And Dmitri again congratulate and wish him well - and in sport, and, of course, in my personal life.