Thumbnails of the glass from Shimon Klimek

Polish engineer Shimon Klimek (Szymon Klimek) joins in their works of art and engineering, creating models of cars early 20 th century, trains, steam engines and fancy carriages.But the interesting thing is that any of his work can easily fit in an ordinary glass mug.

The models are made of very thin sheets of copper and steel, which the author gives the necessary form and fastened together with glue.Klimek devotes special attention to detail, trying not to miss one, even the smallest, resulting in the creation of one product can take up to two months of hard work.

 Many works of the author decorates metallic colors and sparkling crystals."My career is at the intersection of decorative, engineering, art and jewelry," - says Shimon Klimek, who prefers to store their thumbnails in wine glasses.

Klimek carried away by the creation of miniatures 6 years ago, and currently has a collection of tiny cars, crews and machinery has more than 100 copies. "When I first came up with this idea, I was very surprised that it was feasible," - the author tells about his hobby.

But if a few years ago seemed unattainable Klimek idea of creating miniature models, he now makes a much more complicated things: last year, engineers have created four steam engines, equipped with electric and little motor running on solar energy.