20 good reasons not to lose weight

 1. You do not have a long and expensive to change the current wardrobe
2. Even if a little potolsteesh, it will not appreciably3. Wrinkles? It is not for you4. No need to strain5. You do not have to prowl at night to go to the fridge. All eaten in the evening.
 6. Even in winter you will not freeze7. You can always have that and when you want. And PIROZHENKO.8. Gourmet transmission of food will not cause you discomfort and agony9. Fun and tasty at McDonald's!10. On the final sale are just your size
 11. People will be attracted to your kind and generous12. Jumping into the pool you you let a huge wave of ...13. ... By the way, can still be cool to lie on the water14. When driving on the road you're on 54% more noticeable15. The probability of accidental betrayal permanent partner is reduced by 96%
 16. You're 100% sure that you are loved not for elastic buttocks and waist17. Let the guys from the airlines will strain on the legality of unpaid preponderance18. In the case of a sudden widespread prolonged hunger you have more chances to survive19. You certainly have enough of your retirement savings20. You can always start losing weight!