Anomalously large animals

Attempted to select animal record breakers in weight and height. Photo attached.

1. Cracker. Phenomenally high horse, who lives in England: its growth in the crown ", as seen in the picture - more than 2 meters, weight 1200 kg, the maintenance of daily takes 133 liters. water, and I think quite a few feeds. Cleanse Cracker with ladders.

But the title of the largest horse in history belongs not to the crackers, while another big horse - Samson. He is pictured below.
2. Cat breed, obtained by crossing a lion and a tigress called Leagrove. I think that comment is superfluous.
By the way, by crossing a lion and a tiger are obtained is not large, miniature predators.

3. From this the Chinese make products. Yes, infa 100%. It seems they are ground and dried jellyfish and get something like condiments. Nightmare.
4. Dog named ... Goliath, if I'm not mistaken. I will not talk about his size, just look photo))
Excuse me: I'll leave a little on the topic - I want to still show the most muscular dog in the world of rock hound. With it, there was a rare DOUBLE (!) Gene mutation, which is responsible for the "limit" of muscle growth. Wendy 24 cubic press instead of six positions, the muscles in the neck sometimes confused with a mane
Of course, the list does not end there, but it's something that shocked most. Hoping someone that was interesting))