Celebrity pets: Pictures

Celebrity dogs

With Pet Appreciation Week under way, see which celebrity pooches might get a little extra pampering.

Bo – Obama family dog

During the 2008 campaign, the president and first lady promised their daughters a dog. Malia's allergies weren't aggravated by this particular breed.

Queen Elizabeth's corgis

Her Royal Highness has kept close company with this dog breed since her childhood.

Snooki's dog, Gia

The "Jersey Shore" princess added one more cast member with her new pup. The two were seen in a videoWillow Smith's single. inspired by

Martha Stewart's French bulldogs

French bulldogs Sharkey and Francesca have their own blog and webisodes on the domestic diva's website.

Matthew McConaughey and Foxy

When Matthew McConaughey lost his longtime canine pal Miss Hud in 2005, he found a new companion in Foxy. Foxy hails from a ranch in the actor's home state.

Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

This little pooch is known as an "accessory dog" to her famous socialite owner. Tinkerbell has been featured in ads for a fashion house, appeared in Paris' reality show and written a book about her life as a socialite's dog.

Jessica Alba's pugs

These two pugs are named after this famed rock 'n' roll couple, and their actress owner has a thing for this ancient Chinese breed. Alba is regularly seen toting these little guys around.

Serena Williams' Jack Russell Terrier

The tennis ace has a friend in her dog, Jackie. Serena's companion was seen in her six-part reality show with her sister Venus.

Katherine Heigl's schnauzer

Before the actress found love with her musician husband, she fell for her miniature schnauzer, Romeo's good looks inspired this Australian designer to create a line of pajamas in his likeness.