Private celebrities

Private celebrities

On the heels of this popular singer's recent announcement, and her preparation for yet another musical hiatus, we take a look at celebrities who favor seclusion instead of the spotlight. Their reclusiveness and eccentricities are part of their great allure.

Lauryn Hill

This rapper and R&B artist, the former lead singer of this hip-hop band, is notoriously averse to the spotlight. In a rare interview, she sheds light on the reasons for her 10-year hiatus from music.

 Michael Jackson
The genius of the King of Pop is often overshadowed by his eccentricities and his troubled personal life, which he preferred to keep out of the spotlight. This beloved superstar put out one of the best-selling albums of all time and inspired many tributes after his death .
 Greta Garbo
Known for her famous line "I want to be alone," this Swedish-born Hollywood actress captivated audiences with her beauty and talent, and her mysterious persona helped elevate her into legend. After making 27 films she fled from stardom and spent the last 50 years of her life as a recluse.
 Axl Rose
The lead singer of this '80s rock band has isolated himself several times, allowing a few rare interviews to break a 15-year silence. His new album, highlighting his misanthropic tendencies and paranoia, received disappointing reviews and sent him back into another reclusive funk.
 Julia Roberts
While she certainly hasn't reached the recluse status of some of the other celebs on this list, Roberts enjoys quiet time with her husband and kids away from the limelight, on her 50-acre ranch in this New Mexico town. 
 J.D. Salinger
Famous for not wanting to be famous, this fiction writer penned a legendary book that brought him worldwide acclaim. In spite of his literary success, he spent several decades in self-imposed isolation at a 90-acre compound in this New Hampshire town, where he reportedly continued to write but refused to publish anything.