Outrageous TSA Stories

Outrageous TSA Stories. Complaints about security check hassles have risen since airports rolled out new high-tech tools that some critics have decried as overly invasive. This week, the TSA changed its rules about screening children.
Pat-down protesters
As part of this loose protest, a female passenger arrived at the airport in Los Angeles wearing a revealing outfit, hoping to avoid this security procedure.
Pat-downs gone too far?
A teary-eyed former Miss USA posted a video online complaining a TSA agent "molested" her during a security pat-down. She said she opted for the pat-down to avoid going through a full-body scan.
TSA harassment allegations
A Detroit man cried foul when TSA agents singled out his 29-year-old severely mentally disabled son for a pat-down. The TSA later admitted it had made a mistake.
TSA and jewelry scan
When airport security forced a Texas woman to remove her jewelry using a hand tool, she called a famous attorney to handle the matter.
TSA and snakes on a plane
Intrepid airport agents foiled a male passenger's scheme to smuggle snakes. The assortment, which included these varieties, was hidden in some everyday items. Instead of relocating to a Thai metropolis, the creatures now live with other wildlife at this Australian attraction.
TSA and screaming toddler
At a Tennessee airport, a camera-toting man captured pictures of airport agents searching a 3-year-old girl because metal detectors blared while she was clutching this toy. In a separate incident, agents at another airport found this item in the same kind of toy.
TSA and cancer survivor
Callous airport security agents humiliated this Michigan man when they ignored his pleas. Watch the cancer survivor explain what happened. The fallout let to a public apology.
TSA and confiscated seeds
Travelers returning from the Emerald Isle lost these garden-related items when airport security agents confiscated them at Dulles International Airport.
TSA and animal smuggling
An airline passenger in Australia was apprehended for smuggling more than 50 of these water-loving things in her skirt. In another incident in the same country, a man was caught smuggling creatures inside padded envelopes stuffed in his pants.
TSA amd bad chocolate
Customs officials at JFK airport found an illegal drug hidden inside chocolate truffles and pistachio shells.
TSA and sweet confiscation
When airport security agents spotted jars of a sweet concoction during a luggage scan, they shut down this California airport. In an incident at the Albany, N.Y., airport, agents caught the bottled water but failed a bigger test.