Hummingbird - a little miracle:)

Hummingbird - the smallest bird in the world. They live hummingbird in North and South America, and their size ranges from 5 to 20 centimeters, which makes the smallest hummingbird, a bird in the world. But this is not the most recent and surprising property of a hummingbird.

Also, hummingbirds are the only birds on earth that can fly back. Flight of the hummingbird is very similar to the flight of insects, especially if you look at the smallest bird in the feast hummingbird, which weighs only 1.6 grams, and its length is 5.7 centimeters. Half its length is the beak. This type of hummingbird called Mellisuga minima or hummingbird-bird fly, or in the English version of the Bee Hummingbird. Incidentally the largest hummingbird species, still is the smallest bird in the world. The heart of the smallest birds in the world beats with a frequency of 500 beats per minute and it is at rest, and in the excited state of 1200 and more.
Hummingbird, being the smallest birds in the world, is very mobile, energetic, and very brave, even against the big birds, especially in the care of nestlings.
The flight speed of a hummingbird reaches 80 km / h. Large hummingbird make about 10 strokes of the wings in the second, and the smallest about 80. Maximum life span of the smallest birds in the world - 8 years, and yet they eat every 10 minutes.

How can hummingbirds hover in the air?
Work Warrick from the University of Oregon, USA, reveals the secret. He discovered that the hummingbird has some of the aerodynamic tricks of an insect and its style of flight, it turns out, is somewhere between the style of birds and insects style.
Wings hummingbird buzzed when describing eight and flipped at a certain angle with the arm swings up, but because of the bone structure, they receive only 25% thrust at arm swings up. The remarkable flight of hummingbirds clearly indicates its ingenious creator.
This complex design could result from random stepwise evolution, as well as the ability to hover requires the presence of many interconnected parts - a special structure of the wings, the ability to describe and to turn the eight wings, waving high speed, especially the nervous system, etc.