Golden Globes 2010

Hollywood Foreign Press Association in the 67-second time bonus awarded its traditional Golden Globe »(Golden Globes 2010), which is considered second in importance after the Oscars.

Painting "Icon» (Avatar) was named best dramatic film of 2009. In addition, James Cameron (James Cameron) receives the Award for "Best Director". The best film among the comedies and musicals is recognized as "Bachelor Party in Vegas» (The Hangover).

The creators and cast "Avatars".

The cast of the comedy "Bachelor Party in Vegas» (The Hangover).

Best dramatic actor at the ceremony of awarding the "Golden Globe" named Jeff Bridges for the film "The mad heart» (Crazy Heart).

Sandra Bullock has received an award for best dramatic film role: she starred in the film "Invisible side» (The Blind Side), where she played living on the South American woman who adopted a black boy.

Robert Downey Jr. Was named best comedy actor for the role in "Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie.

Meryl Streep is named best comedy actress for his film (Julie & Julia).

(Inglourious Basterds) marked (Christoph Waltz) - «the best singer male supporting actor."
Special prize in the nomination the name of the famous American director Cecil Blount De Mille (Cecil B. Demille Award) was awarded to the legendary American producer, director and screenwriter Martin Scorsese

In the picture, Martin Scorsese captured in the company of (Robert De Niro) and Leonardo DiCaprio

The first winner of the Golden Globe was the comedienne and talk-show hosts (Mo'Nique), who won the nomination for best supporting actress in the movie "Treasure» (Precious).

Painting "I would be in heaven» (Up in the Air) (Jason Reitman) - records the number of nominations, they have had six bands, received a Golden Globe for best screenplay only Sheldon Turner

(Chloe Sevigny) has received a Golden Globe for (Big Love).

Soundtrack to the tape "mad heart» (Crazy Heart) - The Weary Kind (best music for the film).

The winner of the TV comedy was "Chorus» (Glee) - story about the school and singing teenagers, really has got all the lists of the best serials of the past year.

(Drew Barrymore) was named best actress in a miniseries for her role as a genre in the historical drama (Grey Gardens).Sam series also received a Golden Globe nomination in the television series.

(John Lithgow) has received an acting award for participation in the television series "Dexter

(Kevin Bacon) - a television film "taking TENS» (Taking Chance).

The series (Mad Men) - «The best dramatic television series.

The protagonist of "(Dexter) (Michael C. Hall) also received the award.

Two Golden Globe cartoon was (Up!) - For best animated film and for best music composer Michael Giacchino .

The title of best foreign film was awarded the work of German filmmakers "White Ribbon» (Das Weisse Band) (Michael Haneke).

In the comedy genre has also been awarded actress (Toni Collette) for the episode (United States of Tara).

In the nomination "Best animated film" the winner was painting (Up!).

In the United States held a ceremony for (Golden Globe Awards 2010).
Photos: Reuters, AFP, AP, Getty Images.